ACATAC is a best in class Affordable care act compliance tool for employers. 

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has imposed upon many employers something they hadn't before dealt with; the requirement to offer medical coverage to all employees. This burden has been further placed on employers in high turnover industries like staffing, hospitality, and the restaurant industry.

Now many employers are faced with the requirement to offer coverage to thousands of employees they hadn't previously been required to. This has caused an astronomical burden in administration, cash flow, and resources.


Where ACATAC comes in

ACATAC is a unique ACA compliance program for mid sized to large groups. ACATAC helps where many products cant, for companies with high turnover such as staffing companies, restaurants, and hospitality companies. TAC offers a customized suite of ACA compliant products such as a Minimum Essential Coverage or MEC plan and a Minimum Value Plan or MVP as well as a wide variety of employee benefit programs based on the needs of the employer. 

How TAC does it

TAC Benefits Group is partnered with premier technology vendors that cater specifically to industries with a contingent workforce. We utilize industry specific technology to enroll employees, warehouse data, and track eligibility consistent with federal guidelines. 

The ACATAC process provides our clients with an end to end MEC and MVP tracking solution with little to no employer cost. 

ACATAC technology can provide full 1094 and 1095 filing and guarantees each client is 100% ACA compliant in the event of an IRS or DOL audit. 

Weekly Billing: The ACATAC weekly billing process runs parallel to our clients' payroll eliminating the need to collect missed premium payments. This process relieves the employers' administrative responsibility of reconciling monthly bills. 

TAC is 100% payroll vendor agnostic and has the ability to integrate fully with any and all vendors.


Is this a self-insured plan?
Yes and we provide aggregate stop loss that will set the maximum cost per employee.

Is it cheaper to pay the fines?
No, our solution can be paid by the employees thereby making the cost a lot less than the fines.

Do I need claims experience to get a quote?

Can I work with my broker instead of TAC Benefits Group?
Yes, have them contact us.

Are there participation requirements?

Are certain industries excluded?

How reasonable is the cost?
If you have your employees contribute 9.5% of their W2 (safer harbor) income the net cost could be nothing

What is a MEC?
Minimum Essential Benefit Coverage which provides the 63 CMS preventable services. If MEC is provided, the employer can avoid the $2,000 fine.